Arinze Oranye Mathematics Scholarship Award    (December 2019)

The Arinze Oranye Mathematics Scholarship Award started in December 2018 for Onitsha Indigenes. The aim is to provide financial and educational support to struggling (disadvantaged) families. The scholarship is in two categories: (A) For Primary Pupils, (B) For Secondary Pupils. The winners are selected through a mathematics examination and the scholarship awarded on the platform of GOLIBE FESTIVAL in Onitsha. The patron/Chairman of the festival is the traditional ruler of Onitsha Kingdom, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe CFR, MNI. In all, Seven pupils won the scholarship







On the 24th of December 2018, Master Giovanni Okagbue became the first recipient of Arinze Oranye Mathematics Scholarship Award. He won the award after a successful competitive mathematics examination.

Please, click on the picture below for the full story by Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) in Nigeria.


Arinze Oranye decorating the winner, Giovanni Okagbue with the winner's medal and watched by his delighted mother.  


Arinze Oranye Mathematics scholarship award is now an annual event and primary and secondary school pupils in Onitsha will benefit. Arinze conceived the idea which is now a reality, to help disadvantaged children in Onitsha - his place of birth. 


The winner went home with a Chromebook, a trophy, a medal, 5 autographed mathematics books written by Arinze, a cash sum and a pledge of annual monetary incentives for 5 years to help in the winner's academic pursuits. Also, the school associated with the winner received 100 copies of Arinze's mathematics workbooks.  

Charity Work & Book Donations

Arinze Oranye donated his maths workbooks to Paringdon Youth Under 11 Football Club (PUMAS) Harlow as part of his numeracy for all initiative. - 2017

...With Crossroads Global Village (UK) - Charity number: 1153488

The CEO and Managing Director, Mr Arinze Oranye, donated 100 copies of his books - Preparation 1 and 2 Mathematics Workbooks to Crossroads Global Village(UK).

- April 2016


With the Engagement Strategist, Natalya Kan receiving the book donations on behalf of her company.

Philanthropic Gesture

A humanitarian project run by Epiphany Trust Organisation for children with learning disabilities in Welimada Sri Lanka liaised with Crossroads Global Village, a charity organisation in the UK and secured Arinze's workbooks. Below are disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka with maths workbooks (Preparation Workbooks 1 & 2). Please visit www.epiphany.org.uk/projects/sri-lanka/ for more information on this charity organisation.

Arinze Oranye's numeracy drive took him to charity shops in Harlow. He donated a sizeable number of his KS1 and KS2 Numeracy workbooks (Preparation Workbook1(5 - 7) and Preparation Workbook 2 (8 - 10) to St Elizabeth's Charity shop in Harlow. Below is a picture of a worker at St Elizabeth's charity shop in Bush Fair area of Harlow holding a workbook.


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